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[RP] A not-so-rare occasion
Une gotte d'eau nécessaire au voyage
Marin is a good saint of Athena. When not in training, she hits the books. When not studying, she hits the training grounds to hone her skills and that of the current brood of novices.

On special occasions, she climbs up Star Hill. She makes sure to wear her Cloth -- minor courtesy for the rule-breaking activity she treats herself to. And tonight is a special night -- there was to be a lunar eclipse. It was a special in such as it was a clear summer evening, not a cloud in sight, and the full moon magnified magnificently. A sure treat for astronomers, while it means more studying for the star-gazing Saints.

Star Hill was the best vantage point for any astronomy activity, and offered her much privacy. She took her mask off as she caught her breath, letting the cool-dry summer night breeze kiss her skin --

-- and then she looks up the moon, almost blinding from where she stood. A quick glance at the Zodiac Clock Tower to make sure she got the time right, and then...

... as if an omen of  things to come, the once silvery orb gradually turned to a glowing red fire, like the embers of a furnace, nearing its sure ignition.

But the most amazing of eclipses are the shortest, and Marin wanted to have the image of the fiery moon in her mind for as long as she could. A last sweep of the lively Athens amused her, as she saw some corners shut their lights for a better view. One last look, and she slipped her mask back on, and jumped...

It's not that she has night vision, but by feel and clock-work timing, she hopped off strategical juts of of rock as to not plummet to her death. The descent was just as perilous as the ascent, and surviving the days of trial and error had its rewards.

Finally landing at the foot of the pinnacle, she made her way back to her abode. She had been expecting rookies to be staying up for the evening's spectacle, but there was something about the missing quiet banter that made her uneasy. She shrugged it off -- perhaps she was tired after all...

... but a dip at the nearby body of water was oh so tempting.

The nearby pond was not exactly a "pond" in the truest sense, but somewhere between a spring and a small lake, enough to submerge her to her chest. Stepping to the edge, and at small boulder where she could leave some of her belongings, she brought her hand up to take her mask off -- but a quick mind-scan of her surroundings told her she was not alone...

Would I ever get tired of it?
Comme les nuages juste un passage

If ten years ago, if I told myself back then, "hey -- you'll make it up Star Hill -- alive..." I wouldn't believe me.

Or if five years ago, if I told myself, "hey -- Seiya is your brother..." I wouldn't believe me either.

But these are truths -- and there is nothing I can do about them.

It's been a couple of years since Hades had been sealed -- at least for the next two hundred years, and I've somewhat made it a habit to go up Star Hill. There aren't any Specters, but climbing this otherwise exclusive place for Athena's Holy Father gives me the rush I'm looking for.

Shaina jests that I am only looking for suicide. I tell her we've been through much worse.

Some teacher I make -- here I am, openly stepping on holy ground. I look up the stars and just look and look, until my eyes make out the most distant stars. If I don't blink, and if the skies are exceptionally clear on a night of a new moon, I lose count of the stars.

I suddenly feel small, fragile and powerless. I defiantly take my mask off, and I feel naked, vulnerable. No one to see me but the stars...

... and him.

Star Hill is the only place on Earth closest to him -- that I can see him and he can see me, and that I can send him all my love, just for a moment.

Then I set my gaze back down -- down at the ever changing landscape of Greece, then down the Twelve Houses, then down at the habitation camp where the lamp in my hut is lit. A last glance at the Great Lion, a last sweep around the land, I put my mask back on and step off the hill. Down, down, down I go...


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